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June – July

June 9 

First Baptist Church of Gunnison, CO

Pastor Jonathan Jones

June 13 

Cornerstone Baptist Church, Lincoln, NE

Pastor Andy Rodriguez

June 14-18 


Barley Family Reunion

June 20 

Iglesia Bautista Central, Memphis, TN

Pastor Timoteo Green

June 20 

Heritage Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Pastor Rich Sevilla

July 7 

Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville, SC

Pastor Mark Minnick

July 11

Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Archdale, NC

Pastor Richard Callahan 

July 18

Hanover Baptist Church, Glen Allen, VA

Pastor Daniel MacAvoy 

July  21

Heritage Baptist Church, New York City

Pastor Matt Recker

July 25 

Primera Iglesia de Habla Hispana, New York City

Pastor Gregorio Murillo

August 1 

South Gardiner Baptist Church, South Gardiner, ME

Pastor Keith Gardiner

August 8 

Kingsway Baptist Church, Ringgold, LA

Pastor Louie Foerster

August 17-20

Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario

Teacher In-Service

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